Costs of Membership

DetailsMember under 25 years oldGuardian of Member under 18 years old
Joining Fee$300
Annual Subs (20% discount if more than one family member)$200
Auckland Area PC Fee$25
Auckland Area Fund Raising$10
Auckland Manukau District Levies$15
NZPCA Fee$45$20

The joining fee of $300 is only paid once, when the member first joins. Fees payable in subsequent years are annual subscriptions, and levies to Auckland Manukau District Pony Club and New Zealand Pony Club Association.

Summer Grazing Fees

Grazing is determined by the committee for Summer and Winter grazing, and communicated to all members in advance of those grazing seasons.


All fees should be paid in full or part payments as agreed with the President and/or Treasurer before the commencement of the season.