1. Always wear an NZPCA when riding on the grounds of the pony club or in the paddocks/over the road.
  2. Boots with heels must be worn in stirrups.
  3. Horses must not be ridden in head collars/halters – bridles only.
  4. Riders who wish to jump should be supervised – see supervision rules.
  5. Riders must obey all traffic regulations/use pedestrian crossings outside pony club and be aware that riding on grass verges, footpaths and reserves is forbidden by ACC by-laws. Return and pick up droppings left by horses on footpaths and roads.
  6. Only financial members may ride on pony club grounds.
  7. All parents are members and may ride their children’s horses.
  8. Access to the stables is through Scarborough’s yards. The gate must be kept locked at all times. Return to remove horse droppings left in the yard. Cars must be driven through slowly.
  9. Horse feed should only be stored in sealed bins in the sick pen. Gear stored in the sick pens should be insured as its safety cannot be guaranteed.
  10. Sick paddocks are available for sick and injured horses but cannot be used without permission. Sick pens must be cleaned daily when in use – see sick pen rules for details.
  11. Holding pens and paddocks may be available for overnight stays but must be cleaned after use.
  12. Shoeing may be carried out only at the concrete pad at the rally pens or sick pens or at the hitching rail at Felton Matthew paddock. All old shoes, nails and parings must be swept up afterwards.
  13. Private instruction for members is permitted, but no instructor can expect to have full use of the facilities and must share the arenas with other members. Private instructors do not pay to use our facilities, it is the responsibility of the member having lessons to ensure that their instructor is aware of club rules.
  14. Meadowbank has a smoke and vape free policy.
  15. The car park and the area of lawns around the club house should never be used for tying up, grooming, washing or saddling a horse. Horses must be placed in the pens provided for this purpose. Horses may be grazed in this area only if they are hand-held.
  16. If a horse is tied up the lead rope should be tied to a piece of twine. Never tie directly to a rail or post and never by the bridle.
  17. Floats must be parked where directed by the committee. Cars are permitted on the front lawn when the grounds are dry.