Meadowbank Pony Club Rallies

At Meadowbank Pony Club we hold our rallies weekly on a Thursday at 5.30 pm, during the season, (Oct – May) excluding school holidays, followed by a shared dinner and notices at 7pm. Children under 18 must be supervised by an adult, one adult may supervise up to three children if they are riding in the same riding group. It would be expected that this responsibility be shared amongst parents at each rally and is the parents responsibility to organise a supervisor and let the rally co-ordinator and head coach know prior to rallies.

In the winter months we have monthly get-togethers. This a great opportunity to get the Horsemanship signed off on certificate cards so members hopefully sit their next certificate in the following season.

Thursday Rallies are for general instruction to help towards achieving NZPCA certificates unless otherwise stated.

RSVP by the Tuesday of the week please as we need to know in advance in order to book coaches. No reply will be considered no ride, and a space will not be available in the rally group. A reminder will be sent out at the beginning of each week.

Pony Club riders must attend 75% of rallies in order to retain grazing seniority. This means if one falls below the requirement then the grazing position is relinquished and the individuals’ contracted grazing space is reassigned to the bottom of the list if that individual would like to continue rally riding with the intention to meet attendance requirements.

Please ensure that no horses are left alone in any of the paddocks. Liaise with your grazing group to ensure this does not occur.

No horses are to be left grazing in Telephones 1 or 2 during rally times. If a grazer in these paddocks cannot attend then please arrange for your horse to be brought into the rally pens for the duration.

For safety purposes, please wear high visibility vests in low light. We do have some available in the clubhouse – however they MUST be returned. These items can be purchased cheaply at $2 stores.

Please ensure that your horse is tethered and the backing chain is up at all times when in the rally pens.

Turnout for rider and horse is important in our sport. Please ride in MPC uniform and ensure that your hair and is tied back (preferably in a hairnet). Horse and gear should also be clean.

Please respect and obey your coaches and those who assist in running the rallies, and be encouraging to your fellow riders. When your coach or organiser is speaking, you are listening (and definitely not talking!).

Be on time. The rally bell will ring at 5:25 – please be ready to ride at that time.

Some rallies (including closed trophy events) will require set-up of jumps, arenas and equipment. Please provide assistance when requested as required by MPC Rules. Each rider will also be required to bring along a helper to facilitate the running of closed trophy events.