Working bees

We have a cooperative system to keep the stables and grounds clean and tidy. Failure to supply working bee labour will result in the member being charged a $100 working bee levy. All hours will be recorded by the farm manager. Failure to attend, labour or fee , for a working bee could result in a loss of seniority for grazing or taken into consideration for grazing privileges.

Club member's duties

Duties need to be done weekly please. If you are unable to do the week you’ve been rostered for, please organise to swap with someone and let our Canteen Manager know so she can update the schedule.

Please liaise with one of the committee members to organise a key to the clubrooms.

Because reminders are always helpful, an email will be sent out at the beginning of the week you’re rostered.


Take the bins out to the kerb on Wednesday and bring them back in on Thursday. Sometimes only red bins go out, sometimes red and blue bins need to go out. Please ensure there is a red bin at the stables, rally pens and clubhouse. We need two blue bins at the clubhouse and one at the rally pens.

Tidy the clubrooms, clean the toilets (inside and outside ones) and basins, vacuum and mop floors.

If you are on cooking duty, you’ll need to provide a Rally dinner for 15 – 20 people (a pasta bake for example). You choose, buy ingredients, cook the meal and help serve at a rally.

Club member's obligations


Meadowbank Pony Club member are required to attend at least 75% of the weekly rallies during the season in order for their certificates to be accredited.


We have a roster for the cleaning of the clubrooms and helping out on rally nights. Each family is only responsible for one week in six months.


As we are effectively running a small inner city farm we require every family to help out once a month on a weekend to assist with maintenance.


Every family is obliged to take appropriate care of their pony. Ponies need to be exercised 4 – 5 times a week. You will also need to help clean the paddock, move the horses regularly and check the water and fences. Advice can be sought from the pony club Head Coach on pony care and maintenance.


All fees should be paid in full or part payments as agreed with the President and/or Treasurer before the commencement of the season.